Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mandarin Oriental, Singapore - Fantastic Stay Expect For The Lizards

Booked a Club Habour Room over the weekend. Had some problems during check-in. When we told the lady at the counter that we have booked a Club room, she told us that she can check us in on the spot. We were expecting to be check in at the Club Lounge and thus weren’t very pleased with her answer especially after our disappointing stay with M Hotel recently. Not sure what happened but after a few minutes she changed her mind and decided to escort us personally to the Club Lounge at 19th floor. 

The check-in/check-out time for Club guests are different from the rest of the hotel guests i.e. the earliest check-in time is at 3pm, and the latest check-out time is at 4pm. Thus we were prepared to check in as late as 4.30pm in case all the Club Habour Room were fully booked and all the guests decided to check out at 4pm on the day of our arrival. Luckily we managed to get our room at about 3.35pm. While waiting for our room we were served afternoon snacks/drinks which were really delicious.

Our room has a great view over Marina Bay and as I have earlier informed them that we are here for the firework displays, they allocated us a room directly across the firework launch platform which was great. We also requested to change our pillows (too soft for us) and it was done within 10 minutes from the moment we contacted housekeeping.

Really love the service and the ambience of the Club Lounge. The staff there addressed us by names and they are so welcoming and friendly. 

Breakfast the next day was amazing. It has a restaurant setting and you get to order from a menu or help yourself to the buffet, and they have such a wide selection of fresh fruits!  Unlike other hotels, they have a kitchen within the Club Lounge and if you have any special requests, their chefs will be glad to assist you. I love the cherry tomatoes and was informed by the chef that they are from Australia. Unfortunately he was not aware of the brand and he volunteered to check with the purchasing department but I declined his offer as I did not want to trouble him any further. Love the breakfast so much that I was quite tempted to extend my stay for another day.

I really cannot think of anything negative about my stay with Mandarin Oriental, and if I really want to be picky, maybe it was my wife’s encounter with the “lizards” in the bathroom. You see the handles of the drawers have the design of a lizard, and my wife is terrified of lizards and insects. And they look so realistic that for a few seconds my wife thought they were real. Hahas.

Overall it was a fantastic stay and I strongly recommend that you should stay with Mandarin Oriental Hotel at least once when you are in Singapore. It might be expensive but it is worth every cent. 

One last note, if you going to the hotel via Marina Square Shopping Mall (which is next door) instead of via Taxi, you need to use the staircase located at the 2nd floor near John Little. Just follow the direction signs in the shopping mall and you should be able to find the place.

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