Sunday, August 3, 2014

VeganBurg - What a Pleasant Surprise!

Went with my wife to their branch at the Grandstand at about 7pm. But because we had taken a late lunch we only have space for a burger and a snack between us. Thus it took us a while to decide what to eat and we finally agree to try their Char-Grilled Satay Burger and Vegan Franks. 

As a non-vegetarian I was pleasantly surprise that their satay burger is actually quite tasty. With the satay sauce and the onion rings it tastes almost like having regular satays.

As for the vegan franks they are even better than the "real thing" and we couldn’t stop eating them. They are really chewy with a smoky flavour, and I find it hard to believe that they are actually mini tofu sausages. My only complaint is that they are slightly oily. 

That was my first time I have been to VeganBurg and I am definitely going to try their other food items.

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