Wednesday, August 6, 2014

M Hotel - Saved By The Scrambled Eggs

Booked a Suite with M Hotel to celebrate my wife’s birthday. A few days earlier I had sent an email to M Hotel requesting the housekeeping team to change the bed sheets on the morning of our arrival day because my wife and I have very sensitive nose, and are allergic to dusts. Usually housekeeping will clean the room when a guest checked out. However if nobody book the same room for the next following days, some hotels will not clean the room again for the in-coming guest and the bed sheets might get quite dusty.

The next day, Evelyn Lee from Housekeeping replied and assured me that she has arranged for carpet shampoo for my room on 2 July 2014 and Housekeeping will do a thorough clean up for the room on 3 July 2014, and they will also change the bed sheets again on my arrival day. I was impressed by her reply and told my wife that we have made a right choice by selecting M Hotel to celebrate her birthday.

Unfortunately on the actual day it was a disaster. 

We arrived at approximately 4pm and upon arrival my wife approached the concierge (?) who was stationed beside the main check-in/out counter and asked him if there is a separate counter for Club/Suite guests but he told her to queue at the main counter which by then was quite crowded. So what happened to the “Private check-in and check-out at M Club Lounge” for Club/Suite guests? 

After queuing for about 15mins, we were served by a young man who told us that our room is not ready and we have to wait for at least another 20 mins for some "last minute touch up.” What? I thought our room has been thorough clean up on 3 July 2014, and the bed sheets changed on my arrival day as assured by Evelyn Lee from her email reply? So why wasn't the room ready and it was already 4.20pm? What if we had arrived at 2pm instead? 

Half way through the check-in process he told us that he is unable to check us in and advise us to wait at the Club Lounge at 28th floor, and we were supposed to check in there in the first place. I don’t understand. After going through our personal particulars, checking through his computer thus knowing that we have booked a Suite, and signing the confirmation form, etc, you are telling me that you couldn’t check us in? Couldn’t he informed us straight away that we were supposed to proceed to the Club Lounge for our check-in right from the beginning when he knows that we are Club/Suite guests? 

“Maybe they know it is my birthday today and they are doing some last minute decoration of the room” said my wife who sensed that I was getting really frustrated about the whole situation. He might have sensed it too and offered us a complementary late check out at 3pm the next day. We were next been escorted to the Club Lounge and at about 5pm we finally got our room’s key, and it was only given to us after we approached the staff at the Lounge twice to check if our room was ready. 

Although the Suite comes with a jacuzzi I was not in the mood to enjoy it. By the way there wasn’t any birthday decorations in the room, no birthday card/message, birthday greeting. Nothing! (So we were wondering what were the last minute touch up???)

The next morning we no longer expect anything positive from this Hotel and we can’t wait to check out immediately after our breakfast but luckily we met Mr Ricky. 

We went to the Club Lounge for breakfast at about 7am and he was the only person stationed there, and at that point of time I didn’t know he is the Club Manager. I was commenting to my wife how could the Management assigned only a staff at the Lounge to serve all the Club guests? 

When my wife asked for some scrambled eggs and egg omelette, Mr Ricky immediately made them for her although a Chef was already on the way. He could have told my wife to wait for the Chef who arrived a few minutes later, but instead he personally made the eggs and they were absolutely delicious!

I was really impressed by his service and asked one of the staff about him and she told me he is the Club Manager. 

Before going back to my room, I saw him at the Lounge's counter and we had a chat about my experience during check-in and we both agreed that there should be a separate counter for Club/Suite guests or some form of notices to direct them to the Club Lounge like most hotels do. I had another chat with him when we checked out and I must say he is one of the friendliest people I’ve met. If not for him I will not recommend M Hotel to my friends and colleagues. 

Looking forward to enjoy your scrambled eggs again Mr Ricky!

A few days later ....

MHotel_Marcom_Mgr, Manager at M Hotel Singapore, responded to this review.
Dear Alson_Teo,

Thank you for taking time to review.

As a valued guest, your feedback is important to us as we continue to strive to provide our guests the best possible experience.

We appreciate your comments as they are of great assistance in highlighting points of concern from our valued guests and regret that we did not fully meet your expectations during your stay.

Please rest assured that corrective measures will be taken to improve our service.

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