Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kith Cafe - Good Job Aunty!

Very disappointed with Kith Café at Sentosa Cove especially after reading so many good reviews about the café. The person who served us is a middle age aunty, and as we were having some problems deciding what to eat, she gave us some pretty good advices regarding the portion size, etc. However when my wife asked for sugar syrup for the drinks, she took quite a while to pass it to us. 

Enjoying the view ...
... but the weather was simply too hot and so decided to move indoor.

Actually I don’t blame her as there are a few other younger servers standing around inside the café, chatting among themselves, looking at their smart phones, etc. They simply treated us as invisible, and the poor aunty seemed to be only person working going from table to table to check on the customers. 

Blackstone Eggs

Big Breakfast
Luckily the food saved the day, love their Blackstone Eggs, and Big Breakfast. Will try out the other branches, and hopefully they provide better service there.

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