Sunday, August 3, 2014

Owen Seafood Restaurant - Almost Perfect Lunch

Decided to explore The Grandstand over the weekend but because I do not drive and do not want to take a cab there, my wife and I decided to catch the free shuttle bus at one of the pick up point at Clementi Road Blk 116. Do take note that other than their main pick up points outside the MRT stations the bus will not stop unless you flag it down. You can check out the shuttle bus schedule at The Grandstand's website.

We reached there at about 2.15pm and headed towards Owen Seafood Restaurant for our lunch. For a start my wife ordered two fresh oysters for herself as I do not eat oysters especially raw ones. But for some reasons that day I decided to give it a try and ate a small slice of it. After dipping it into the chili sauce to mask it original taste it actually tasted quite good. My wife loved the oysters so much that she ordered another two more.

Fresh Oysters

Bamboo Clam with Roasted Garlic

Next is the bamboo clam with garlic which is the best I had so far. The bamboo clams together with roasted garlic and the special sauce come together to form the perfect combination. I will be very happy with just this dish alone and a bowl of rice.

Claypot Bean Curd

Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with Snow Crab

Still feeling hungry we ordered claypot bean curd and stewed Ee-fu noodles with snow crab. The claypot bean curd tastes average and I suspect the chef uses the same sauce for cooking hor fun noodles. As for the Ee-fu noodles you won’t be able to find it in the menu and you have to ask from the server. For $26.90 I find it slightly overpriced, as it does not come with the whole crab. Nevertheless I will definitely be back for the bamboo clam.

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