Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ippudo - Definitely Worth Queuing!

Have been noticing this restaurant at Westgate for quite a while because of the long queues outside and I couldn’t help wondering if it is that good. So during one of the weekdays my wife and I decided to check it out and fortunately there was no queue that day. 

Not really sure what to order we finally decided on Akamaru Special and Bonito Tonkotsu simply because they really look good from the menu. I was also surprise to be asked if I want the texture of my noodles to be soft, medium, hard or extra hard which is something new for me. 

Anyway their ramen are really delicious! If I am only allowed a bowl of ramen a year, it will definitely be from this restaurant! Do take note that they do not do takeaway or packing of leftover food so make sure you only ordered what you can finished.

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